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Mary Jo on KBLU Radio 560

I'm excited to share insights from my recent interview on KBLU Radio 560 with George Braun Esq. and Russ Clark, where we dove deep into my campaign for New Jersey's 5th District and the incredible journey it has been so far.

In a critical time for our district and the country, the Bergen County Republican Organization has officially endorsed and we received the Sussex County Republican Committee slogan for our campaign. This support is crucial as we push for fiscal responsibility, national security, support for law enforcement, and a representation that truly understands and voices the concerns of our communities.

Our discussion also touched on the strides we've made and the clear objectives we aim to achieve in Washington D.C. — from staunchly upholding our conservative values to advocating for secure borders and policies that spur economic growth and benefit every resident of the 5th District.

The landscape is changing, both locally and nationally. Now, more than ever, it's vital we come together with a shared goal: to protect our future and maintain the integrity that defines our district.

I'm truly thankful for the confidence placed in our campaign by both Bergen and Sussex counties, marking a collective effort as we move forward. Your support reflects a mutual commitment to a thriving, secure 5th District.

You can also support my campaign by making a donation here at:

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