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Mary Jo on the Joe Piscopo show

In my heart, I carry the legacy of my Italian ancestors – a legacy of strength, resilience, and unwavering belief in the American Dream. This dream, however, is under threat, not from without, but from within, by policies that undermine the very fabric of our nation.

I shared these thoughts on the Joe Piscopo show today, reflecting on my family's journey to America, the right way, and the critical importance of upholding lawful entry into our beloved country.

Here in New Jersey's 5th District, we are also feeling the squeeze of a skyrocketing cost of living, all thanks to the Biden administration's disastrous policies. Every day, I hear from constituents crushed under the weight of taxes and inflation – a clear signal that the current path is unsustainable.

This Tuesday, March 19th, marks a pivotal moment for us in Bergen County. Having won the policy committee vote, I am honored to be the chosen candidate to represent Bergen County. My path to victory is clear, but it requires each of us to stand together against the tide of failed leadership and policies.

I urge every member of the Bergen County Republican Organization County Committee to cast your vote for a brighter future, a future where our district leads by example, showcasing the best of American values and resilience.

Together, we can restore the American Dream and ensure that our children inherit a country of opportunity, not of burden.

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