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New Jersey Deserves a Congresswoman Who Cares!

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End Illegal Immigration

President Biden has encouraged a massive invasion of our country by millions of illegal aliens including child-traffickers, drug-dealers, gang members, and even terrorists.


Gottheimer has done NOTHING to solve the crisis.  As a result, schools and hospitals in North Jersey are now dealing with diseases like whooping cough and tuberculosis.


We deserve a congresswoman who cares enough about us to close the border.

Enact a Balanced Budget

Washington politicians have spent America into devastating debt.  The interest on our debt will soon exceed our entire national defense budget and then soar past $1 trillion a year.


Senior citizens, families, and local governments who rely on support from Washington will be left out in the cold.


Josh has never seen a spending bill he didn't vote for because he simply doesn't care about the consequences.


President Biden and Gottheimer have allowed soft-on-crime prosecutors to create dangerous sanctuary cities through failed policies like catch-and-release and cashless bail.

Mary Jo strongly supports law enforcement and is committed to creating safer communities, protecting our families, and ensuring that  New Jersey is more secure for everyone. Together, we can build a brighter future for our state.

Together, we'll build a stronger, more prosperous future.


New Jersey needs a workhorse in Congress; not a show horse!

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